The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies.🍪

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe starts with the recipe on the back of the package.They all are about the same.What makes the recipe great is understanding the ingredients and mixing them to get your favorite type cookie.Let us start with butter or margarine .

1.BUTTER- Butter will give you a crispy outside and soft on the inside cookie The cookie will have that great buttery flavor.They don’t usually stay soft for more than a day or two.

2.MARGARINE - Margarine will give you a soft overall cookie.It will be  more of a cakey type cookie than the traditional one.You will not have that great buttery flavor.The chocolate itself will be the more prominent flavor.The cookies stay soft for at least a week.

The next ingredient I want to talk about is the sugar.Most recipes call for equal amounts of white and brown sugar. I prefer to use more brown sugar than white Brown sugar is simply white sugar with molasses mixed in. I like the flavor the brown sugar gives the cookie.Changing the amount of sugar doesn’t effect the cookies texture.It just changes the flavor.

That’s all for now.The next blog we will talk about the chocolate and why it may sometimes burn .Thanks for reading .